The Top 5 Things to do
in Munich in Winter

The great thing about Munich is that it is a city for all seasons. In spring and summer, it’s one of the most popular outdoors cities in Europe, with an endless choice of parks, beer gardens, cycle paths, riverside walks and streetside cafes. In autumn, our streets are gilded in a carpet of colour to rival the famous New England Fall in the US. And winter? Munich is made for winter. Here we give our top 5 tips for what to do in Munich in winter.

Habsburg café culture and castles in the sky … tips for your free time in Salzburg

Our day trip to Salzburg in Austria, departing every morning at 9.15am, is a perennial favourite for Radius customers. The tour combines the structure of a guided tour with additional free time to explore the small historic old town for yourself. After giving you an orientation walk for 90 minutes, your guide will supply you with a map and be on hand to give you advice on what to do for the three hours you have to explore the city for yourself. Here are some personal tips …

After the Munich Oktoberfest
is before the Wiesn!

Our Wiesntrailer

The Munich Oktoberfest is by far the most famous beer festival in the world. Over six million litres of traditional Bavarian Beer and more than half a million grilled chickens are consumed there, over a period of sixten days. Not to mention the sausages, the prezels, the sugar-coated almonds, over a hundred oxen, countless pigs and much more.

‘Never work with children or animals’

W.C. Fields

W.C Fields would have probably hated Munich. If you’re reading this with a hairy paw on the mouse, whilst simultaneously panting at the thought of a juicy bone, then Munich loves you! You are allowed inside many of the restaurants and even those that do say “K-nein!” will at least leave a cool bowl of alpine refreshment outside their door just for your pleasure. 

Top Five Secret Tips for Travellers

Leading travel website recently published a fantastic article about organised tours to Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich, and they were kind enough to recommend Radius Tours at the very top of the article for one of the best tours available. Below they give use their top five secret tips for travellers.

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